How I got rid of the rats around my home

fthWhen this summer came around, I found that there were a lot of mice living around my house. I knew that it was only a matter of time until I saw one inside of my home, and I was very worried about the diseases they carry. I decided that the best thing for me to do was to get rid of the mice before they came into my home.

The first thing I did was to make the area around my house a less suitable environment for mice. I did this by mowing down all of the weeds in the disused lot next to my house. This meant that the mice would not be able to find shelter, and that they could not forage in the field.

I used some shears to trim back the bushes at the end of my lot, and I also pulled out a couple of old railroad ties that were rotting in the ground. These actions greatly reduced the number of mice that the area around my home could support.

I also really liked that these actions made it easier for birds and cats to eat the mice.

The next t part of my Phoenix pest control strategy was to treat my home with chemicals that would prevent them from trying to get into my house. I sprayed my home’s concrete foundation with a type of chemical that is similar to that found in mothballs. Mice are capable of chewing through concrete with their sharp teeth. However, by making the concrete taste bad they would not be included to do so.

Finally, I setup a number of traps around the outside of my house. I used a kind of mouse trap that has the spring mechanism covered. This meant that the traps could not be set off by things falling onto them, and larger animals like cats could not get their paws stuck in the trapstermite_bg_450.

The covered nature of the traps also meant that the bait inside of the traps would not spoil quickly, and that once the rats were caught they would be out of sight. My sprinklers would not be able to get the poison wet, which is a very important thing to consider when doing pest control Phoenix. This meant that I would not have to see them, and I did not have to worry about neighborhood pets eating probably diseased carcasses.

Along with mechanical traps, I also decided that I was going to purchase some rat poison. I was able to get a kind of poison that also came in a covered container. I put the containers next to the walls of my home where the rats were likely to run. When the rats ran through the container they would either chew on the poison pellets or pick it up through their feet. These two methods of pest control had the effect of killing almost all of the rats around my home. Unfortunately raccoons decided to attack next. digging through my trash cans and causing a horrible mess for me to clean up every morning.  i didnt want to harm these cute adorable animals but they had to go. so i called a humane pest removal company Raccoon removal chicago and they did a great and safe job removing these buggers from my property.